ORIJEN Free Range Bison Freeze-Dried Treats



Nutrient rich and flavourful, our bison is ranch-raised under Alberta’s blue skies by people we know and trust and delivered to our kitchens fresh and preservative-free each day.

All dogs evolved as carnivores, biologically adapted to thrive on a varied diet of fresh whole meats. That’s why we loaded our ORIJEN ALBERTA BISON TREATS with 100% local bison – all delivered fresh and in Whole Prey ratios so you can indulge and nourish your dog at the same time.

Made without cooking or preservatives, ORIJEN’s Biologically Appropriate treats are gently freeze-dried in our own freeze-dry kitchens to lock in the life-giving goodness and amazing flavours of our authentically fresh and regional ingredients for a reward your dog will truly love.

Read our ingredients and we think you’ll agree!


56.7g, 100g


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